Usually lasting about 2-3 hours, each walk brings to life, in a clear and engaging manner, the history of different parts of today’s Hackney, through its buildings, people and past events.

The walks are led by Sean Gubbins, who has public liability insurance. Sean, a Hackney resident, started to lead local history walks in Hackney in 2002. Currently 20 walks are offered in different parts of Hackney. More are being added so that all of Hackney will be covered by a network of local history walks.

At the start of every walk, each walker is supplied with a modern and historical map to follow, and contrast, the route marked out, as well as a booklist for further reading.

During the walk pictures are handed around to help illustrate points being made. For a bit of fun, there is on each walk a ‘tote’: walkers guess at the beginning of the walk how many paces will be walked. Whoever guesses nearest to what Sean’s pedometer reads at the end of the walk gets a prize. The prize is associated in some way with the area walked through. Also, at the end of the walk there is a 10 question multiple-choice quiz on what the walk has covered, which many enjoy doing.

Heartfelt enthusiasm in the heart of Hackney!

Attended Heart of Hackney Walk