WALK HACKNEY specialises in telling  you the story of Hackney, through a series of walks around different parts of Hackney. The walks are led by Hackney resident, Sean Gubbins, who has researched and devised each walk.

Hackney, today, is a vibrant, fast-changing part of north-east inner-London. Its current diversity reflects centuries of absorbing people from all over Britain and different parts of the world. This has given Hackney a fascinating story. 

Each walk looks into Hackney’s past, exploring buildings, people and events, bringing out what is unique to the area and linking to events which have made up our national and international history.

If you know Hackney well or are looking to get to know the area, you are most welcome to discover Hackney’s diverse and fascinating history.

I just wanted to say how wonderful the guided walk was that you led for us on Sunday, and to let you know that the feedback was unanimously positive, dare I say effusive!

Albion Square Residents Association